All You Need is Love  LbNA # 50351

Placed DateSep 11 2009
LocationClifton, VA
Found By Super Rod
Last Found Aug 20 2011
Hike Distance?

All You Need is Love

3/6/10 - Reported missing.
3/24/10 - FOUND!! just 10 steps away. Replaced in it's hiding spot.

Travel down Union Mill Rd towards Liberty Middle School.
Take a right onto Compton Rd.
Pass the entrance for St Andrews Church on Compton.
There is a gravel pull off on the side of the road.
Park there.
Start at telephone pole #374 5 1 22
Walk to the path and head down the path away from the church.
Find pole #374 5 1 20
Looking to the right you will see a grassy area with a runoff running thru. On each side of the green area are trees. Head down the left side of the run off toward the group of trees in the middle.
Stop at the group of trees at the end of the runoff.
Facing the trees with your back to Compton Rd head left about 12 paces.
There you will find 2 trees kissing. At the base of the loving tress you will find the love you are looking for.