Sand Dollar Hunt Letterbox  LbNA # 50352

Placed DateSep 6 2009
LocationPhippsburg, ME
Found By Foss4
Last Found Jul 10 2011
Hike Distance?

You must be a registered camper at Hermit Island Campground to go on the island and find this box.

Island Road
just before the parking lot of Sand Dollar Beach on the left is a warning sign posted on a tree.
there is a red arrow pointing left
proceed down the path to the left
you will see a tree stump that looks like a "snarl of snakes"
take a right
under a dead tree with a "blue branch" is a pile of rocks with a rope....
you have found our sand dollar hunt letterbox!
Say "Hi" to the little mouse that also lives nearby.
please seal up the box and bags tight so they stay fresh for years to come. put the rocks back as you found them.
we hope you enjoy Hermit Island as much as we do!!