How Low is Too Low?  LbNA # 50439

Placed DateSep 17 2009
LocationDayton, WA
Found By MickeyMouse
Last Found Nov 13 2009
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How Low is Too Low?
a letterbox

How did a cropduster know when he's been flying to low? He'd check his wheels when he landed. If he found crops vines or leaves in the wheels, He was flying TOO Low!
This letterbox is dedicated to my Dad. He was a cropduster in the Dayton-Touchet Valley area in the 50s. He flew a Stearman Bi-plane outfitted with tanks and spraybars and loved every minute of it!
Us kids spent our early years in the area. We grew up hearing stories and admiring the pictures and films our Mom took of our Dad while flying.
Recently, we went back to Dayton with Mom and Dad. We enjoyed walking around the town and outskirts listening to the reminiscing of older siblings and the folks. The best part was out at the airstrip. We loved hearing the stories again and seeing the places Dad flew.
The stamp for this letterbox was carved from an old photograph of Dad and his plane.
Has he been flying too low? You be the judge.
To the letterbox's hiding place:
Find your way to the Dayton area. More specifically the part of the Touchet Valley between Dayton and the Touchet Valley Airstrip. Find the Lewis and Clark Trail State Park along Hwy 12. There are two parts of this park intersected by the Highway. You want to park in the parking lot on the southside of Hwy 12. After you park, walk over and read the wooden sign about Lewis and Clark and early pioneers. Just to the left of this sign is a trailhead. Your hunt starts here. Walk into the trail and continue through the pines.
Leaving the pines you should see an open meadow to the left. Enjoy the sight but, stick to the trail. Continueing on you travel through a grove of aspen. As you leave the aspen the trail forks, go to the right and seek out the open wheat field. A barbed wire fence will halt your progress. Turn left and find the State Park Boundary sign. At the base of this sign you should find this letterbox.
The field beyond the park boundary is one my Dad dusted back in the day.
The park you are in now is beautiful and a fun place to explore. Indeed, all of Touchet Valley is beautiful as well and worth discovering.
Hope you enjoy your time here. If you like, Stop by the main street drug store in Dayton and enjoy something at the soda fountain.
Please, as you know, re-hide the letterbox well. Also, I have placed some SAS postcards in this letterbox. If you would like, you can send one back to me with a note or even a stamping, I would love to hear from you.

*This letterbox has multiple planters. Sondog, Snakeboy, Inkadinkado, Norwegian Cowboy, Wild Wind, Follow, Knitwit, and WWIIAAC. (thanks for the help and the fun family!)

Thanks for playing along. Sincerely, Sondog ~God bless

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