FOX BOX  LbNA # 50440

Placed DateSep 12 2009
LocationPontiac, IL
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A fox a deer and a rabbit too
All escaped from the Pontiac zoo
They went strolling up route 23
Looking for a place where they could be free
Now they know their lives are good
‘Cause they found Humiston Wood

Humiston Wood Nature Center is a nice little park outside Pontiac IL.
To find the park leave Pontiac on RT 23 north and turn left on road 2100 at the land fill. If you get to Thresher Park you missed the turn. Continue on 2100 for several miles, passing the Boy Scout camp road. You will come to Humiston Wood Nature Center on the right. Turn in, park and put on your walking shoes. All the trails are good.
The Lb is at the far end of the park on the green trail. Just past a trail intersection find the park bench overlooking the river that has “JOES PLACE” carved into the seat. Take 7 paces past the bench and turn right into the woods. Four paces into the woods look on the ground for BUDDY. From Buddy take a compass direction of 090 and step off 10 paces. This should bring you to a hollow fallen tree. The FOX BOX is hiding inside. Please re-hide it carefully. All the usual warnings and disclaimers apply.