Snapper Bridge  LbNA # 50448

OwnerTricky Troy    
Placed DateSep 18 2009
LocationColumbia Heights, MN
Found By The Butterfly Girls
Last Found Sep 21 2012
Hike Distance?

Update- July 10, 2011- I re-carved and re-planted today... and fed the big guy some pretzel nibblers and a muffin:)

Kordiak Park is located on 49th Ave, East of Central Ave just past Columbia Hts HS.
Enter the lot on the North side of 49th, look to the East, and follow the Tar Path around the Pavilion & "waterfall". (Great place for wedding photos etc.)
Follow the path to the North side of Kordiak Lake, (10 min walk, or so) there you will come to "Snapper Bridge" aptly named for it's local residents.
Bring some bread (Or Raw Hamburger) and you may get a look at one of the Beasts! (When I placed the box at around 6:00pm I watched him frolic for about 30 minutes)
Once you've had your fill, take about 50 steps from the east end of the Bridge to a bench, have a seat, and wait till the coast is clear.
Turn around to the North exactly in line with the bench and take about 22 steps straight through the small woods to the largest cottonwood tree you see. (It has a couple large growths)
Look to the South Base, and you will be rewarded with your prize!