OBX - Sunshine Girls! No. 1  LbNA # 50449

Placed DateSep 18 2009
LocationCorolla, NC
Found By lotus
Last Found Jul 19 2012
Hike Distance?

Go north past where the hungry LION roars
and the DOGS sleep in the SUN.

It is not food or ale that you seek before you are done.

Travel with your eyes way up high
Until you see colors waving in the sky

The flags number eight, but please you must wait

When you past but four, turn east towards the shore

Stop twice and look carefully before you go, please keep your speed very slow

On portside you will see a community lot, pull in and park in a nice little spot.

And now walk towards the shore and you will see,
A T in the road, wait and be.

Although there is BEAUTY, don't go towards the BEACH, your prize is not far, just out of reach;

Look right and left, don't go towards the stone wall,
Find the lime house, go for it all

You are having fun now just like you OTTER;
Keep going straight, don't look at the water.

We ain't LION, you're on the right track,
if you pass the Pilot House you've got to go back.

Holy Mackerel! Stop and see. Take fifty paces west, away from the sea.

Look to the left and look to the right, if a house is there, then that's not right.

Turn to the bush, you are close to your find, it's just underneath, near driftwood, if you don't mind.

We hope you enjoyed finding our box as much as we enjoyed hiding it!

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