Humbug Mountain  LbNA # 5047

Placed DateMar 29 2003
LocationPort Orford, OR
Planted Bysherbeardragon    
Found By O'Kalan
Last Found Feb 5 2010
Hike Distance?

Placed by: Tecihila & Dragonwarrior94

Trail Length: 6 Mile Loop
Difficulty: Moderate to Difficult Depending on Your Ability

Humbug Mountain is located 6 miles south of Port Orford, Oregon on U.S. Hwy. 101. Scenic trails wind their way out of Brush Creek Canyon to loop the north face of 1,756-foot Humbug Mountain. The trail begins in Loop B of the campground or there is a trailhead parking area where the trail crosses under the highway. After about a mile, the trail forks. To the left (east), a 2 mile trail begins ascending with several switchbacks through headland forest enroute to the summit. The right hand (west) trail is a 1-1/2 mile segment that traverses the ocean side of the mountain. When you reach the 3 mile marker, there is a short trail that leads to the summit where you will enjoy a panoramic view of the coastline. Be sure to take the opposite trail back down in order to complete the loop.

To find the letterbox: When you reach the summit, look for the U.S. Geological Survey marker. After you have located it, turn your back to the coastline and look down the mountain. Find a large rock with a crack in it. The letterbox is hidden in this crack. When we placed this box, there were several other hikers around so be sure to be discreet when looking and stamping.

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