Old Highway 101 (update)  LbNA # 5048

Placed DateMar 28 2003
LocationPort Orford, OR
Planted Bysherbeardragon    
Found By O'Kalan
Last Found Feb 5 2010
Hike Distance?

Placed by: Tecihila & Dragonwarrior94

Trail Length: Maybe 1 ½ Miles Roundtrip – We forgot.
Trail Difficulty: Easy
Clue Difficulty: Fun

Humbug Mountain State Park is located 6 miles south of Port Orford, Oregon on Hwy. 101. Turn into the campground entrance and follow the road on in. We camped there so we had a place to park but you may have to park along this entrance road if you are just staying long enough to find the letterbox.

To find the letterbox, start by finding the old Hwy. 101 trail. Go past the gate to the left and begin your journey.

Follow this path past a “giant chain”. For those of you with a sweet tooth, you will actually find some “licorice” along the way, but you probably shouldn't actually eat it. Further along, look for a “sword”. You may need it later to fend off the wild “deer” that will appear on the path ahead but be careful not to cut off any of the “5 fingers”. Stop on the footbridge and take a few minutes to peruse the scenery. Ok, enough perusing! Be on your way! Continuing along you will notice lines crossing the road. When you reach the “campground”, take a turn. There should now be dirt under your feet. Trudge on until you pass between two wooden pillars. Eventually you will come to a giant hairpin. Stop here! Turn around and retrace your steps for about 60 feet. When you have done this, make a 90 degree turn to your right. You should be looking at three distinct figures. At the base of the middle figure you will find the letterbox covered in stones. After you stamp in, please be sure to replace all of the stones, as this area seems to be prone to large amounts of rapidly moving water. You can continue on this trail to get back to the campground or you can go back the way you came. It’s up to you! It will take you longer if you choose to go back rather than forward.

As you can tell, Judi is not the most artistic person on the planet but who knows what a humbug looks like anyway!

UPDATE FOR THIS BOX: It has been brought to our attention that there is poison oak growing around or near this box so please be careful when looking for it. If you approach from the southwest side, there is poison oak but if you come in from the other direction it should be ok.

NEW UPDATE FOR THIS LETTERBOX. It has been brought to our attention that the footbridge mentioned in the clues for this box has been washed out due to heavy rainfall. The park personnel plan on making a temporary trail down to the creek and up the other side back to the old 101 hwy. but that won't be done till later this spring/early summer. If you follow the clues backwards, you will be able to find the box.

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