T-Bone's letterbox 1  LbNA # 50483 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateSep 20 2009
LocationDunn Loring, VA
Found By paper trail
Last Found Oct 22 2009
Hike Distance?
Last EditedNov 10 2015

This box is in Dunn Loring Community Park on Gallows Road. There is a path that enters the park from Gallows Road and runs along the far end of the parking lot. Start at the fallen logs at the beginning of the path, walking into the park.

When the trail forks, take the right path. Keep going past the post with a half ring. Be sure to keep the picnic pavillion on your right. When you get to an intersection that looks like a traffic circle, with a small stump in the middle, take the right fork. Not far down that path you will see 2 stumps. The one on the left is rotting and the one on the right is not. Go right on a gravel path that leads to a meadow. Go across the meadow and back on to gravel. From where the grass ends and the gravel resumes, go 25 paces(if you have gotten to the power lines, you have gone to far). Go to the rotting stump 8 feet off the path to the left. Go to the first large tree to your left. Look all around and VERY close to the tree!

Sorry, but we went to check up and the box wasn't there :( We may replace it. Thanks to all seekers.