Take Note  LbNA # 50496 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateSep 20 2009
LocationWimer, OR
Found By Serenity Girl
Last Found May 14 2011
Hike Distance?

Exit 48 from I-5. From the North, turn LEFT, from the South, turn RIGHT. Make an immediately LEFT after the RR tracks. Follow around. Go STRAIGHT through the 4-way stop. You are on Pine Street, which turns into East Evans Creek Road.

In approx. 7 miles is another STOP - turn RIGHT to stay on East Evans Creek.

Approx. 14 mile marker on East Evans Creek Road, you will see a flat on the North side of the road. Park off the road in what looks like an old driveway. You are here by special permission.

From where you parked, there are two large pines to your right. You should TAKE NOTE how easy it is to find your first goal. The tree that is the farthest from the road, at it's base, away from the road. Take Note!

From this tree, follow the loggiing trail straight up the hill to the skinny pines. On the left is a charred stump behind some madrone brush. There you'll find JOY beneath the bark.

Continue up the hill. On the left is a telephone pole. There, at its base, sits the WRITER IN THE SUN.

Look up the hill. At about 11:00 are two stumps. When you arrive, look to the left at the old fallen oak. On the uphill side of the root, behind a flat rock is where I keep MY BOOKS.