Evangeline  LbNA # 50505

Placed DateAug 20 2009
LocationBar Harbor, ME
Found By PeaKay
Last Found Jul 15 2011
Hike Distance?



BoxAuthor: Wereallinthistogether
Location: ?????
Seal Harbor, ME
Plant Date: September 2, 2009
Clue Last Updated: September 3, 2009

Status: active (Last found: Never)

(Due to the sensative location of this box, you have to figure out it's exact location with out us outright saying it.)

Look at a map of mount Mount Desert Island. Look in the Seal Harbor Area. Find a trail head that leads you to 'a SMALL beach for hunters'

The wonderful poem "Evangeline" was written right here in the Bar Harbor area by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.

We wanted to place a letterbox celebrating this poem and the wonderful area that insipred it. This letterbox will take you to a part of the forest much older that most of what you'll see on MDI. The big fire in the 1947 destroyed much of the old forest and many many of the historic homes. This area was spared from that fire. Many of the homes were torn down anyway in the 1960's, but on your drive to the trail head, you'll pass a few historic buildings that remain. The path it's self will lead you through a wonderful old forest, next to a beautiful mountain stream that meets the ocean at the beach. Enjoy your hunt. But more importantly, we hope you enjoy your journey.

*This letterbox has a wonderful stamp carved by a very kind fellow letterboxer, Jackbear, upon request just for this box.

Park at the trail head.
Head down the trail trough the Forest Prime Evil.
When You are about to reach the beach you will see three path signs posted on a large tree.
Follow the path to the right about 25 feet.
Look right and see two large old and broken tree stumps.
Walk to the second tree stump on the small path.
Look left. Find a pointy rock sticking out of the ground near a tree next to a piece of drift wood.
Box should be under the drift wood.
If you go back to the beach, there is a nice log that you can sit down on and stamp away. You can just see Evangeline sitting there looking out over the water.

*this beach is full of UNREPLACEABLE rocks DO NOT REMOVE ANY ROCKS FROM THE BEACH WHAT SO EVER. Once on the beach, look towards the right to see a wonderful example of how this beach and these rocks are formed.