Pieces  LbNA # 50507

Placed DateSep 20 2009
LocationCoos Bay, OR
Found By Heron-A-Foot
Last Found Sep 29 2009
Hike Distance?

Hwy 101 in Coos Bay to Newmark. Go to the end of Newmark and Left on the Arago Hwy through Charleston.

Right on Bastendorf Beach Road. Park in area on left just beyond the County Park entrance.
Walk SW. There is a Trail Head between two large Fir trees. Step over log. About 15 feet, there is a stump under bramble. Your prize can HUGS you from the path. HUGS HAS GONE MISSING! SORRY FOR THE INCONVENIENCE!

Go back to your car and continue on Bastendorf Beach Rd. Park in the 3rd OBVIOUS PARKING area. There is a large driftwood log across from a trailhead. To the LEFT of the trailhead is a pine, beneath which, you will feel guilt if you don't find QUILT!

Go back to road and continue left, to the end. There, you will find a large parking area. Stay to the Right. There is an area with sign 'no trespassing'. Don't. But beyond that area, on the far Right, look at the beautiful Cove. From where you stand, look over your right shoulder is a pinicle shaped rock.

Climb (carefully) up to the pinicle, and beyond, staying to the left, against the cliff. It opens up on top. Turn RIGHT, up a 2 ft step. LEFT to a large "J" trunk tree. Behind, in a small space, you will go to PIECES.