My Best Friend  LbNA # 50520

Placed DateSep 20 2009
LocationCharleston, OR
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101 Hwy to Coos Bay. West on Newmark. Drive to the end of Newmark and turn Left on the Arago Hwy. Through Charleston, passed Bastendorf Beach Road.

Pass Sunset Beach. Over the bridge is a turnout to park.

Take wooden stairs to path leading to the beach.turn Right at the fork (see the beach on your way back!) There are three pines close together. TRIO is at the base of the largest of the trio.

Continue on path about 75 steps. Take a smaller path on the left. That smaller path forks, go left - But watch your step!There is a small log that is on the path and can be a real tripper.

There is a small arched tree that is at the end of this short path, and it is at its base that I parted with MY BEST FRIEND.