Like Telephone Poles  LbNA # 50521 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateSep 20 2009
LocationWimer, OR
Found By Annie M
Last Found Oct 24 2011
Hike Distance?

When I was little, sitting on my grandmothers lap, I looked into her softly wrinkled face. "Are you old?" I asked.

She chuckled. "I don't feel old," she said. "It's hard to tell, when you get old. It's the passing of time that tells you when you are old." Then she continued, suddenly seeming far, far away, as if transversing the many decades of her life, to her own childhood.

"When I was a girl," she said, "I remember my mother saying...'When you are young, the years pass like telephone poles...When you are old, like pickets on a fence'."

"I guess they are looking more like pickets all the time..."

From I-5, exit 48, take the Rogue River exit. Go through town (Pine) turns into East Evans Creek Road. About seven miles (East Evans turns RIGHT at the stop) go through Wimer. (Don't blink!)

Continue on, pass Sykes Creek road, to MAY CREEK Road. LEFT on May Creek Road.

Drive to the end of the pavement, where the gravel begins. May Creek forks to the Right. From this point, drive about a mile. There is a large culvert on the right.

Park here and face the culvert. To the left of this, is a tangle of large dead and broken trees. Walk down to the back of them. Beneath them, in the back, you will find LIKE PICKETS ON A FENCE.

Go farther behind these trees, is a large stump, and in the center, it looks LIKE TELEPHONE POLES.