The Rose (Sykes Creek)  LbNA # 50529

Placed DateSep 20 2009
LocationWimer, OR
Found By Hart x6
Last Found Sep 26 2012
Hike Distance?

From I-5, exit 48, take the Rogue River exit. Go through town (Pine) turns into East Evans Creek Road. Pass Wimer. Continue East Evans Creek Road to Sykes Creek Road. Turn LEFT. Go to the end of the pavement (approx 3 miles). Continue left when the gravel road forks.

FLYING HIGH is on the RIGHT, in about .5 mile. There is a large burnt stump, with another burnt stump behing it. Flying High is behind the second stump under some bark.

From there, another .15 mile. There is a redwood standing like a sentinal against the sky on left. At the bottom in the back is where THE ROSE grows.

Continue on to another fork in the road. A cedar stands between the forks. Hidden by rocks at its base is a SWAN DANCE!

Continue up the Right Fork to a huge stump...about the third one in) There is a rock at its base in the front. Remove the rock and in a hole (use a stick to make sure no critters have taken up residence!) is my WINGMAN.

'The eyes have it' is a saying long misused. And so, to make up for the mistake, I have reversed it. About.45 mile, on the Right, a road has been blocked. On the right side of the barrier is a Pine tree. Beneath the pine needles, THE AYES HAVE IT!