Wild About Parks: Carle Park  LbNA # 50551

OwnerUPD - APNC    
Placed DateSep 24 2009
LocationUrbana, IL
Found By TeachJR
Last Found Apr 1 2014
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Wild About Parks: Carle Park

This clue is part of the Urbana Park District’s Wild About Parks Quest--celebrating the Anita Purves Nature Center’s 30th anniversary. The Quest runs 6/13/09-6/12/10, but the boxes will remain in place indefinitely. Prizes can be won during the Quest for those who find 10, 20, and 30 boxes. Those who locate all 30 will be entered into a grand prize drawing. For more information, and for clue booklets, visit www.urbanaparks.org.

Carle Park Clue
Difficulty: Moderate
Time: 30 minutes

Start by the statue,
Follow clue by clue.
Winding through the trees and grass,
This letterbox you will find at last!

Begin your search by reading the plaque next to the bronze statue produced by Lorado Taft. Take the tens-digit of the unveiled year and the ones-digit of the restored year, reverse them, and place them side-by-side to make a new number (hint: number > thirty). Now, follow the sidewalk west through the pavilion, walk around the flowerbed.

As you continue to wander west through the park, take a few moments to look and listen for the birds around you. Do you hear the sorrowful coo of the Mourning Dove? This tan bird with black spots has a plump body, a long-tail, short legs, a small bill, and a head that looks particularly small in comparison to the body.

When you reach the newly-installed permeable pathway, turn right. Find the map of the M. M. Hickman Tree Walk. Locate the tree that corresponds with the number you calculated above. Find that tree in the park and have a seat on a fairly new bench located near-by just to the east. Stretch your arms straight out to your sides (like a bird flying). Your left arm should be pointing to a cluster of four trunks. One of the trunks contains a hole in the base where you will find this park’s letterbox.

You followed the clues;
You found a letterbox today!
Continue on the Quest,
And rewards will come your way.