Wild About Parks: Lake House  LbNA # 50554

OwnerUPD - APNC    
Placed DateSep 24 2009
LocationUrbana, IL
Found By TeachJR
Last Found Jul 1 2013
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Wild About Parks: Lake House

This clue is part of the Urbana Park District’s Wild About Parks Quest--celebrating the Anita Purves Nature Center’s 30th anniversary. The Quest runs 6/13/09-6/12/10, but the boxes will remain in place indefinitely. Prizes can be won during the Quest for those who find 10, 20, and 30 boxes. Those who locate all 30 will be entered into a grand prize drawing. For more information, and for clue booklets, visit www.urbanaparks.org.

Lake House Clue
Difficulty: Easy
Time: 20 minutes

Enter Crystal Lake Park from the Park St. entrance and park in the upper Lake House parking lot.

Begin by finding the face of this country’s 16th president. Once found, turn right and follow the sidewalk to a flight of stairs. Descend the stairs to the back of the Lake House. Turn right again and follow the sidewalk around the building. As you come to the front, look around to see information about the recreational opportunities available. Walk toward the canopy of the boat dock, then turn around and face the bridge over the lake. Look across the lake for a cluster of trees. Among them are three oak trees, one of which hides your box. Follow the lower deck around the Lake House to a short set of steps. Walk up the stairs and cross the bridge to where the three large oaks await you on the other side. After you have enjoyed a nice view of the Lake House, find the center oak, the one with the most branches coming off its trunk, and go to its north side away from the Lake House. The base has knobby roots where you will find a hole, and in this hole you will find this site’s letterbox. (You may want to probe the hole with a stick first.) Please be discreet when the area is busy, and rehide the box well when finished.