Highways, Interstates & Rest Oh I-71S 34 mm  LbNA # 50607

OwnerYellow Butterfly9    
Placed DateSep 26 2009
LocationLebanon, OH
Found By Brown & Company
Last Found Jun 13 2012
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Highways, Interstates & Rest Oh I-71S 34 mm

A Little Mouse Told Me You Were On the Road Today!

Travelling I-71 Southbound Cross the Bridge over the Little Miami. Exit the next Rest Stop at the 34 MM, about 1 mile after bridge. Park in the first row of parking spaces before main building. Take the walk to the Picnic Shelter.

Find the 4 trunked-tree. Stand at the tree and face the wooded area. Locate the lightpost among all the trees. Proceed to the lightpost.

At the lightpost take 40 steps towards the wooded area. A dead log lies across the entrance to the woods. Look to your left and spot an old dead tree stump. Take 7 steps toward the dead trunk.

What you seek is across from the dead tree trunk at the root end of a felled tree under a pile of bark.

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