Huntley Meadows Creatures  LbNA # 50624

Placed DateSep 27 2009
Location6948 S Kings Hwy, Alexandria, VA
Found By Brian Colburn
Last Found Jun 25 2016
Hike Distance1-2 mi
Last EditedDec 13 2015

Nov 2015 Update --- All boxes ok -I found a new place for Tiny Creature!

Enter Huntley Meadows Park from the South Kings entrance (across from an EXXON gas station). This IS NOT the entrance near the park visitors' center. If you are in the visitor center parking lot on Lockheed Blvd you need to get back in your car and drive around to the other entrance.

Happy Hunt(ly)ing!!

Follow asphalt trail. When you come to a fork - take the walking trail that goes to the right. If you go straight on the the maintenance road you may miss something.

Along the trail. stop at the bench on your right and find my trail partner Abbzzs' box called "Nutty Creature" (LbNA # 49879). [Turn around and walk back about 15 paces to a small overgrown path. On your left (walking back) you will see a concrete circle. Walk down this path about 20 paces to a small mound on your left. On the side of the mound is a block of concrete that doesn't appear to belong there. Hidden under this block you will find a nutty creature. PLEASE try to avoid crushing the box when you return the cement block. Log in to Nutty Creature separately. :)]

Box #1 Flutterby (Store bought)

Return to the bench and then continue to follow the asphalt trail into the park. The maintenance road will soon rejoin the walking trail. Soon after the trails come together you will see a sign with a Monarch butterfly and a story about how Huntley Meadows was named. From the sign take eight steps along the trail, make a left face and walk 14 steps into the woods. You will see a tree with five small trunks. Look where the trunks come together and you will find two butterflys. This is a busy place on the trail so be as sneaky as you can.

Box#2 Flying Creature (Hand Carved)

Return to the ashpalt trail and head into the park. You will see bird houses #15, 18, 16, & 17 on your left - keep going. The trees are growing so most of the bird houses are hidden these days.

You will come to a bench on your right and a sign about "amphibious creatures". Read the sign and keep walking on the asphalt. You can take the Pond Loop if you want a longer walk -- it returns back to the asphalt trail.

On your right you will see a park bench and a trail with a sign that indicates "no bikes". Never mind, just stay on the asphalt trail. [This is where the Pond Loop rejoins the trail]

On your left you will see a trail with a signed marked no bikes, no motorcycles, but dogs on a leash are just fine. Take that trail into the woods for about 80 steps (40 paces) and you will see a tree with four trunks on your left - take a look where the trunks come together and you will see the flying creature nesting comfortably.

This was my first attempt at carving a stamp for a box. I am not expecting a blue diamond, but it was worth putting in a box - right?

If you take the trail out till it ends you will find a great view of the wetlands. It is a bit over a mile out there from the parking lot. Round trip to the look out and back is @ 2.5 miles.

Box #3 Tiny Creature (Store bought)

Continue along the asphalt trail -- on the right side of the trail (on the way out) you will see mile markers a local Army unit uses for fitness testing. When you get to the .75 marker -- turn around and walk back 40 steps (20 paces). On your left you will see a small metal culvert a trail. About 24 steps along the trail stop and turn right. About ten steps off the trail there is a tree with three trunks. You should find a tiny creature where those trunks come together.