Embudo Canyon  LbNA # 5065

OwnerDesert Bear    
Placed DateAug 3 2003
LocationAlbuquerque, NM
Found By Adysinne1
Last Found Feb 8 2012
Hike Distance?

From I-40 take Tramway Blvd. north or from I-25 take Tramway Rd. east and then Tramway Blvd. south. At Indian School Rd. go east and follow Indian School to where it ends in a parking lot (lot closes at 9:00PM).

Go to the map board and read about the History, Respect, Rules, and Safety of the area. Then carefully look to the left of the map board and spy a picnic table and shelter on the hillside. Take the path from the north-east corner of the parking lot to the shelter.

When you get to the shelter look to the south-west and find a pillar of rock on the hillside pointing to the sky. Hike to this pillar of rock to find the letterbox hidden at its base.

You can now return the way you came or explore the other trails in the area.

(Checked 5/15/2004)