Fort Point  LbNA # 5067

Placed DateAug 1 2003
LocationStockton Springs, ME
Found By The Shaw's
Last Found Jun 27 2010
Hike Distance?

Fort Point State Park is north of Belfast, Maine on Route 1. The closest town is Stockton Springs.

This park is about 2-3 miles off of Route 1, but is definitely worth the visit. Consider picking up lobster in Belfast [AND the "Lobster Letterbox"] and coming with a picnic. The park has a $2 admission charge. The park has lots of beautiful views and you can even go swimming - if you can stand cold ocean water!

Once you reach Fort Point you will be automatically put on a one way loop road. Park at the first parking lot - [the one closest to Fort Pownall - not the one signed as "picnic area"]. Facing Fort Pownall from the parking lot you will see a large sign detailing the park. Check out the details and then look off to your left.

A path heads down towards the ocean with a sign that reads "Lighthouse Bell Tower". In the summer, this sign can be slightly obscured by a branch but the path is very obvious. Head straight down this path [ignoring the options of smaller paths to your left and right] for about 50-60 steps. This path ends at an intersection with a road [two obvious tracks that lead to the house at the lighthouse]. You know you are at this intersection when you note the signs for restrooms on the left side of the path.

Go left on the road for about 30 steps and you will see a birch tree on the right side of the road that has a band around it [where the white bark has been stripped off]. From this tree you can see a bench that overlooks the ocean approximately 30 steps to the right of the road you are on. Head to the bench and enjoy the view.

Just to the right of the bench is another birch. Line up the right side of the bench and the birch and you will be looking towards an old apple tree. Take approximately five steps to the apple tree and you will see that a cedar post is leaning against the tree [on the ocean side of the tree]. Lift up the post and you will find the box.

I hope that you enjoy this park that is off the typical tourist trail. Please let me know how the box is doing!