Snake Along The Crik  LbNA # 50670 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerTricky Troy    
Placed DateSep 29 2009
LocationFridley, MN
Found By Sandcastle2
Last Found Aug 21 2010
Hike Distance?

This is a group of 3 boxes that will take 45 to 60 minutes total at a comfortable walk.
When I placed the boxes during my lunch Hour, I saw 4 Deer as I was walking the beautiful path!
The entrance is located at Stinson Blvd & 66 1/2 Ave at the border of Fridley & New Brighton.
If coming from Fridley direction, take Mississippi Street East, and go North (L) on Stinson, follow 2 blocks to a T (66 1/2 St) and park on Stinson. Entrance is straight ahead between 2 driveways.
OK... follow the Tar Path downhill about 130 steps. Just before you cross the bridge go West (L) down the dirt path, and follow to the top of the ridge, (77 steps or so) if you pass the shopping cart you went too far.
Go South along the top of the ridge 21 steps to just before the tree with the stairs to nowhere. Go West down the hill about 15 steps to a group of 5 trees with one snaking around another, there is a fallen "soldier" with a split personality, there you will find a slithery fellow within the first of 3.
Come back to the bridge, cross over and continue your Quest for Snake Warrior #1!
Follow the path veering West when it is obvious, and in about 10 minutes at a leisurely pace you will come upon another bridge, as you cross over to the West end take the dirt path that leads south.
in about 3 mins you will come to a place where a large tree arches the path, step around (or go under) and 30 steps later you will approach another arch of trees with a path leading uphill, follow the path 7 or 8 steps and you will see a concrete "pillar" on the ground, at the Western end you will find the "Entombed Warrior" at the base of two tall brothers.
Get back to the main path and continue your walk in the woods.
Cross over the 3rd bridge (this is where I saw the Deer:) and follow left for about 5 more minutes and you can have a seat at the bench if you like, this is a place where a Dam used to stand, it has been gone for many years, but look closely at the terrain and you can probably picture it in your mind.
5 minutes more and you will begin to hear the sounds of the road as you approach the 2nd Warrior. You will see the rocks at the bend of the creek, and a small grove of trees on the left of the path, wander near the waters edge, and look under the "Square Log" nestled between the rocks to find Snake Warrior #2!
A longer journey awaits you if you continue West on the path, but a 20 minute brisk walk will bring you back where you started, I hope you enjoyed your "Snake Along The Crik!"