Yellowstone Trail  LbNA # 50678

Placed DateSep 30 2009
LocationWaconia, MN
Found By Trepid Explorer
Last Found Jul 8 2014
Hike Distance?

This letterbox is placed in honor of the Yellowstone Trail which started near our old home in Massachusetts and ran close to our new home in Waconia.

In order to find this letterbox you'll first need to find the Trail's route through Waconia. Look to for some help.Please note, there is a slight error in the directions given on the detail map there. Where they say Oak ST, I believe they mean Oak AVE. There is an Oak Street nearby, so don't get confused.

Now look for a place on that route where they're wild about birds. Go in and say you're looking for the Yellowstone Trail.

Note: This place is only open on Mon-Sat 9:30am-5:00pm.

By the way, you'll also find that there's a short street named Yellowstone Trail in Waconia, marking part of the original route. The letterbox isn't on this street however.