Young Abe's Journal  LbNA # 50695

Placed DateOct 1 2009
LocationLincoln City, IN
Planted Byinfarmfamily    
Found By speedsquare
Last Found Oct 27 2016
Hike Distance?

When you enter Lincoln State Park, start at the main entrance building (where you pay to get in). Across the outbound lane of traffic, you will find the trailhead for Trail 2. Start down Trail 2, and you will soon come to an intersection with an access trail that leads to Trails 1, 4 & 5. Go straight (continue on Trail 2), and cross a little wooden bridge. Walk a little farther and cross another little wooden bridge. Proceed up the hill and be on the lookout for a 7-ft. tree that's been a victim of a storm. It's right at the edge of the trail and is splintered at the top. From that tree, continue on another 35 paces or so, looking for a “V” tree on your right. It's fairly large at the base and V's into 2 trees about four feet up. From the “V” tree, go another 40 paces or so. You will come to 4 tall trees that create a sort of box around the path. At this point, you're just a few short feet away. Walk though the “box” and look for a huge root ball of a downed tree to your left. The prize you seek is at the bottom left side of the root ball behind limbs.