Single Tax Colony  LbNA # 50698 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateOct 1 2009
LocationFairhope, AL
Planted Bymamre    
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This box is currently missing. I'll try to replace it as soon as possible. Jan 29, 2010

Before finding this box, I thought you might like to know a bit of history about this beautiful city. The following is from the City of Fairhope's website:

Fairhope began as a dream in the minds of a group of individuals who were seeking their own special utopia. The first Single-Tax colonists (so called because of their belief in the economic theories of Henry George, who advocated no taxes other than a single land tax), looked at land throughout the South and Midwest before settling in 1894 on a high bluff overlooking Mobile Bay. According to legend, one of the group said the new colony had a fair hope of success, and the community of Fairhope was born.

Fairhope has the look and feel of a quant European village with boutiques, outdoor cafes and flowers blooming on each corner. To begin your search, drive through 'downtown' on Fairhope Avenue, west to the Fairhope Municipal Pier. If you drive to the right you can not only see the beach and Mobile Bay but also the duck pond and a pretty little foot bridge. This road circles around and you end up back at the Municipal Pier which is a fun .25mi/.4km walk. I also hope you'll take a few minutes to 'stop and smell the roses' and gaze at the fountain.

The best place to park is on the south side of the rose garden near a sign that says "South Beach Park". There's a wide sidewalk here that makes a circle which is 1300 ft. Start your walk on the west side of the side walk (near the bay) and walk south along the bay. After the sidewalk turns back to the north, you'll find a tree on your left (west) that has a sort of deck around it and large boulders placed in a circle. There's even 1 boulder in the center that is shaped like a chair. Walk in and stop at the first bolder on your right (north side). In between the first and second boulder you'll find the box wedged and hopefully still covered with vegetation. After you return the box, please cover it well. I hope you enjoy your hunt and your time in Fairhope. Many blessings!