Lovebirds in the Library  LbNA # 50707

Placed DateSep 29 2009
LocationSunbury, OH
Found By The Irishmen
Last Found Apr 5 2010
Hike Distance?

Can a library be romantic? These lovebirds think so. They’re speaking French while sharing chocolate covered cherries at the Sunbury Community Library. Très romantique! Thanks to J and J in VA for carving these adorable birds.


Locate the Sunbury Community Library at 44 Burrer Drive. Fill in the answers to these questions. Your result will be the call number of the book where the lovebirds are nesting.

1. How many sides does the display table in the periodical section have? This is the first number.

2. Locate the Early Library Memorials plaque. How many letters are in the last name of Howard H.? This is the second number.

3. How many glass shelves are next to the doors of the Burrer Family Memorial room? This is the third number.

4. How many computers are in a row in the Children’s Section? This is the last number.

CALL NUMBER: ___ ___ ___ . ___

Please be sneaky when stamping in and putting the book back. The librarians are aware of the Lovebirds, but other people in the library are not!