CC turns 40!  LbNA # 50721

Placed DateOct 3 2009
LocationSun Prairie, WI
Found By The McGuire Family
Last Found Aug 3 2013
Hike Distance?

I turned 40 this summer, and my sister and her boyfriend came out from Cali to celebrate it! As I was unwrapping some presents, I got to a tiny scroll that led me to a special birthday letterbox they made and hid on my farm. I'm rehiding it in a permanent home (not on my farm!), ENJOY!!!!

To find this LB, you must first find the park it is in. The park is in SP and is a newer park for the city. To find it, ask Georgia what the Brown Bear saw? Brown Bear saw a Yellow Daisy. It sure made Smith Cross!!!

Sweet, you found the park! now follow the paved path, starting at the green welcome sign. Turn right just past the dancing primary Alphas. At the T, take a left and continue on path until the pavement ends. This is where everyone gets to turn 40, just like I did! woohooooo ok, so turn around and go back 40 steps! On the side with trees, see the tree-o? Enter the woods here and look in the hollowed stump about 10 feet behind the tree-o.

Enjoy and as always, please rehid, be descreet, play fair, and smile!