The Numbers of the Beasts  LbNA # 50727

OwnerHalf Empty    
Placed DateOct 4 2009
LocationDayton, WY
Found By Juergens
Last Found Jun 13 2014
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Last EditedJun 14 2016

** June 2016 - Box is in place! **

The Three Billy Goats Gruff were hanging out at Scott Bicentennial Park in Dayton, Wyoming one fine summer afternoon.

The Goats planned to partake in their favorite activity: leaving their favorite numbers on assorted objects and locations. Each Goat had a special number he used as his calling card.

Behind a musical venue and right beside the Tongue River the Goats found a house that no one lives in. They snuck behind this structure, and somewhere low on it, the first Goat left his number (A).

The second Goat pulled out a bottle of cheap wine – perfect for an afternoon by the river. But they needed a corkscrew to open it. They did find a corkscrew nearby and the second Goat left his number on it, but it proved to be just another downward spiral (B).

Disappointed, they made their way towards a place to relieve themselves near the river. There the biggest Goat sat down on something round and green to rest and there he left his mark (C). (This number has gone missing. It's 41.)

With the music from the band shell fading behind them the Goats strolled along the path beside the river which eventually curved in and out of wooded areas, over a small wooden bridge and past a wooden bench. The trail snaked back around to point back towards the playground and band shell and here they encountered a second, much longer wooden bridge.

"Trip, trap, trip, trap! " went the bridge as they crossed over it.

Under this bridge lived an ugly, wild-haired troll who liked to eat fat (and possibly intoxicated) Billy Goats whenever the opportunity came along. Which wasn’t often and he was hungry.

"Who's that tripping over my bridge?" roared the troll.

The Billy Goats looked at each other and at the planks on the walkway. If they could sneak up on the troll perhaps they could headbutt him into next week before he could eat them up. But which plank was the troll under?

The Goats decided to use their favorite numbers to find the troll. They added their numbers together (A+B+41 = D)and counted out the number of planks as they walked away from the river. When they reached plank #D they looked underneath and sure enough: there was the troll!

Whew! He was only a letterbox stamp. And the Goats lived to idle away another day.

Please replace the box back where you found it, careful not to drop it anywhere irretrievable and log your find on!