carrier park  LbNA # 50728

Ownergirlscouttroop 187    
Placed DateOct 4 2009
Locationasheville, NC
Found By Road Junkies
Last Found Feb 28 2010
Hike Distance?

1. Start at the picnic pavilion, facing the river. Then go left down the steps. Facing the lawn now, turn to your right to follow the black brick road.
2. Not too far along, you will see an arrow on the path. Note it, and follow it backwards.
3. Follow along the path of the river until you come to an overlook. Stop here, and find the information station. In the second paragraph, take the first letter of the tenth word in the second sentence.
4. French Broad ______. Take the third letter.
5. Find a duck called black but with green. Take the last letter of its nationality.
6. Follow the loop (go left not straight). Where you find Constructed Wetlands, take the second letter of the header.
7. Cross the bridge and pass beds of color to find the Native Wildlife. In the word that’s shared by spider and bear, take the second letter.
8. Now follow the trial to the Wetland Wildlife Take the second letter to last from the endanger animal. Now move up one and right to find the frog. Take the second letter.
9. Now cross the bridge to find Wetland Plants. One word is doubled (it starts with a G) take both the second and the third.
10. Now unscramble the letter and follow the clue.
11. Follow the trial to find an empty pullout spot; go to fifteen trees in a shady glen.
12. In the fork of two trials, find an old rotten log. Your letterbox lies inside.