park box  LbNA # 50729

Placed DateOct 4 2009
LocationPoy Sippi, WI
Found By mytoga
Last Found Apr 1 2010
Hike Distance?

NOTE, I have been checking and someone keeps removing, there is still a metal cap to find.Find the only street in Poy Sippi that is named after a man’s name. This is where you will find a park on the north side of the road. Upon arrival, find a place to park, then head to the east entrance where you should find a sign with the park rules. Count how many of the letter “a's” or “A's” are in the rules, this number = A. Now start from here and head west counting all the brown posts, say hi to the bird on the sign as you walk past the second post. This number = B. From the last post, walk north along the east side of the driveway B steps, if it has rained recently you may end up in a puddle. From here turn and face the East and walk A steps towards the metal slide. From this point turn and face north, you should see a tower on top of the hill, walk towards the tower 15 steps, if you are below a weird looking barrel you are in the right spot. To your right is a swing set, the western most post of the swing set has a number written on it near the ground, this number = C. From the post, continue north towards two signs next to the rivers edge, careful. Find the words “STOP AQUATIC” on one of the signs, count the letters in the next word after “STOP AQUATIC” then, take that many steps to the south. From here, face back towards the tower, or north. Turn C degrees. Walk that direction until you meet the support pillar for the shelter. On the north side of the pillar find a number, take that number of steps to the north, you should end up close to a fence. Turn east and go 15 steps. Look to the north and count the towers atop the hill, this number = A. Now count the number of orange balls in the river, this number = B. Take AxB=C, then take Cx6=D. Facing north, turn D degrees. Head that way until you are past the men’s bathroom or until you get to the end of the building. Turn west and go about 5 steps along the south side of the building. There is a meter on the building, find the yellow tag and add the numbers that are on the tag. This number =A. From the meter go A steps towards the metal slide. HINT: you should end up a little pass the slide. Go to the steps of the slide. Count the number of steps. This number = A. Now count the number of rides on springs. This number = B. Take AxB=C. Now take C steps toward frog spring ride. Hint: you should be standing next to frog spring ride, hop in and take a ride. When you are done riding the frog, head in a northerly direction towards a log cabin across the river about 15 steps. At this point there is a twisty slide, on the north side of the main post of the slide there is an X, below the X you should find the park box just below the surface of the sand, Please replace the box, Thanks.