Pioneer Story  LbNA # 50730

OwnerSearching Seal    
Placed DateOct 4 2009
CountyNez Perce
LocationLewiston, ID
Found By flaymingyon
Last Found Aug 20 2011
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Pioneer Park is located in downtown Lewiston, Idaho. From the park you have a bird's eye view of Lewiston's Main Street.

Park in the parking lot at the west side of Pioneer Park. From here you can see the newly renovated fountain of Sacajawea.

In 1804 Sacajawea helped lead the Lewis and Clark Exploration party as they traveled west in search of a Northwest Passage. The fountain was remodeled in 2009 and in the summer everyone can enjoy running through the water and keeping cool in the Lewiston heat.

Face Sacajawea, look North and you will see the band shell. Walk to the band shell and find the rose garden. Explore the garden until you find 10 important rules set in stone. The nearby building was once Lewiston's library. Walk to the front doors of the former library. Take the path to right and stand near the door on the East side of the building. Face Northeast and find the largest tree. Count 2 trees over to the left and walk to this much smaller tree. From here, facing NE again find the "triple tree" and walk to it. At the base of this tree buried in the greenery you'll find a "Pioneer's Story".