Pyramids Of Mpls  LbNA # 50731 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerTricky Troy    
Placed DateOct 4 2009
LocationMinneapolis, MN
Found By MplsClarks
Last Found Jun 30 2013
Hike Distance?

Update- July 16, 2011- This one has been re-carved- much more detailed:) and re-planted in a more concealed area. I suggest black and green markers
When I planted it I came upon a couple of wild turkey families:)
*Also, the light post I refer to in the clues was in the process of being replaced, but the base was there.

Git yerself to St Anthony Pkwy/Ridgway Pkwy (Near Honeywell/Hillside Cemetery)
Go West on Ridgway Pkwy to the parking lot on South side of pkwy, if you park toward the Southeast end of lot you will see a *light post, (Not the one by the stop sign!) from there walk about 50 steps SSW where you will see a trail heading SW along the ridge, go just inside the woods, and follow 8 to 10 steps to the top of the ridge, follow the top of the ridge East...
20 steps will bring you to a big tree, at 36 a big stump, at 50 a many limbed tree that is almost right in your way, about 25 more steps will bring you to a very similar tree to the North, look near the East base of the tree to where another once thrived.
Some debris, and a pyramid shaped chunk of concrete will reveal the Pyramids Of Minneapolis!
After stampin' in, follow the ridge to the West for a great view of Mpls (See the Pyramids?)