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Camel Spider  LbNA # 50740

Placed DateOct 4 2009
Locationgreeley, CO
Planted ByPariah Zine    
Found By OPie
Last Found Oct 15 2009
Hike Distance?

I was introduced to the camel spider some years back when one evening my sister Desiree, our friend Richard and I spotted the creature sitting on the side walk in front of my parents house. We looked at the insect for some time puzzling over what it could be. Trying to shoo the insect away I nudged it with my boot, when it promptly bit onto the sole of and remained lock jawed onto it. After putting the bug into a jar we fed it a cricket and watched as it was consumed like a tree limb in a wood chipper. We threw ideas around about that the creature could be, a termite, a deformed vinegaroon and even Carbonyl bug. Eventually it was decided that we should settle the taxonomical nightmare by taking the insect to the entomology department at CSU. There a fellow named Boris told us that what we found was a female SOLIFUGID. Boris told us that it went by many names , the camel spider, sun spider and wind scorpion but that it was neither a scorpion or a spider but a separate sub order of arachnid. This same insect is the same that soldiers in Iraq encounter. Since I first met the camel spider I have had several more run ins with the arachnid and have kept several as pets. The letterbox is located a few miles from my house near a site where I found my second camel spider.


Go find the town on the high land named after a flour mill owner from Fort Collins, it truly is A UNIQUE LITTLE TOWN.

From this town look for the main road next to the rail road tracks. Take this road north to a town named after a president of the Union Pacific Railroad company.

Go left on ___ , ___ , ___ your boat gently down the stream then it turns into 90.

Sail for about 3 miles until you come to the 750 foot tall sentinels, then follow a path to their base.

Tentacles stretch down to the ground from their bodies to hold them up.
The camel spider lives near the anchor of one of these tentacles, behind a pile of dirt under some stones.