D'ja pagh  LbNA # 50743

Placed DateOct 5 2009
LocationCottage Grove, MN
Found By JkZamora
Last Found Apr 1 2012
Hike Distance?

This letterbox started out as part of a Deep Space Nine postal letterbox ring in October 2008. On October 2009 we planted it as a traditional letterbox.

October is signigicant for this box as it marks the anniversary of the death of my best friend in college, Marvin, to Crone's Disease. When he was still alive I had commented to him that I liked the earing that the Bjoran's on DS9 wore, so before long he sent me one. I still haven't gotten my ear pierced so I can wear it, but it certainly reminds me of Marvin.

To find this letterbox, head to the Cottage Grove Ravine Regional Park on Point Douglas Road. If you do not have a Washington County Park vehicle permit, there is a $5 parking fee.

Once you enter the park, follow the signs and park down in the picnic area. You'll probably want to get a trail map. There's a sign to the right of the picnic shelter with a map of the park and a holder for paper trail maps or you can get one here - http://www.co.washington.mn.us/client_files/documents/pkp/Maps/PKP-CGRskimap.pdf.

Now, start down the paved path to the left of the picnic shelter, with the pond on your left. When you get to #16, turn down the dirt path on the right. Follow that path to the top of the hill, watching for an 7-8' tall stump on the right side of the path. If you get to #4, you've gone too far. From this stump, count 18 steps further down the path to a faint trail on the right. Go 10 steps dopwn this path to a very tall, dead tree on the right. The letterbox is behind the tree, under a pile of bark.