The Great Pumpkin Series  LbNA # 50753

OwnerWed. Bowler, C. Cat    
Placed DateOct 5 2009
LocationTitusville, NJ
Found By skifiends5
Last Found Sep 21 2015
Hike Distance?
Last EditedNov 18 2015

From the Sugar Skulls Series “Dia De Los Muertos" box (listed on Atlas Quest) continue on the Red Dot Trail in the same direction. To find "The Great Pumkin Series: Lucy" go under the fallen Cherry tree. At the intersection of Red Dot Trail & Blue Dot Trail, turn right onto Blue. Go slightly downhill and look for the skinny 4 tree on the right. From the 4 tree, site 300* to a large V maple on right side of the trail. Lucy awaits you there!

“The Great Pumpkin Series: I got a Rock” Letterbox
Continue on the Blue Dot Trail, pass the intersection of Yellow. Go over 2 fallen logs. Look for a 10 foot holly tree on the left side of the trail with a fallen mossy log next to it. Box is hidden in the roots of the mossy log.

“The Great Pumpkin Series: World War I Flying Ace” Letterbox
Stay on the Blue Dot Trail in the same direction. At the next intersection, keep on Blue. At the crest of a slight hill, look for a multi-trunk beech tree on the left 21 paces off the trail. The correct tree is the only beech tree in a forest of cedars. The box is hidden behind the beech.

“The Great Pumpkin Series: The Pumpkin Patch” Letterbox
Continue on the Blue Dot Trail. After a while, there will be an unnamed intersecting trail on the right. After the intersecting trail, look for a 10 foot broken stump on the right. Box is hidden inside the stump.

“The Great Pumpkin Series: Maybe Next Year” Letterbox
Stay on Blue Dot. At the Y near the piles of concrete bench supports, turn right. Go past the gate and past the back side of the Open Air Theater. Stay on Blue through the field. Before the road turn left at the Nature Center sign on Blue. At the Trail Triangle, keep left toward the Nature Center. From the fallen log at the intersection with the Red Dot Trail site 60* to a connected 2 tree with the smaller tree dead. SPOR.

Continue on the Red Dot Trail back to the Nature Center.