Go Huskies  LbNA # 50754 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateSep 28 2009
LocationKnoxville, TN
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Hike Distance?

April 2011 - Looks like this one is definitely gone.

Go to the Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame. Being from Connecticut we couldn’t resist recognizing the UCONN women (yes we know the Hall of Fame is for professionals) while at the same time getting in a dig at the Lady Vols. However, the Hall of Fame grounds were a bit too manicured and we couldn’t find a place to plant the box. So, now go across the street to James White Fort. Go around the end by the quilt and again around the next corner. Walk to the tree then look behind the nearest hinge in the fence under the ivy.

When we were there the fort was closed. If it’s open when you go you’ll have to use a lot of stealth to get the box and stamp in. Make sure it’s well hidden when you’re done.