Parkway Moonlight Midnight  LbNA # 50767

Placed DateOct 5 2009
LocationBedford Big Island Natural Bridge, VA
Found By Tenderfoot LBNA
Last Found Oct 10 2009
Hike Distance?

From Sunset Field Keep south on Parkway
Through rhodadendron thicket to a horse crossing
the road on the right is closed
so take the road to the left
This road is very bumpy and riddled with pot holes
but I believe you can do it,
go Down the 2nd road to the right
about a half mile down
(if you see a 3rd road to the right
and the road youre on starts to go down the Mtn
youve gone too far)
Watch out for large pot holes
About another half mile is a small pond on the left
ahead is a turnaround before the road is blocked.
In this little turnaround is a hollow footed tree
with a path to it's left
Go straight down the path past lg boulder on right
Another path will intersect
Keep straight over rock pilings that kinda look like an ancient Indian burial place
In the middle of the 3 lg Trees
one is a double trunk with a dead arm
ckeck out the base of this guy under rocks.

If you Dont feel like your car can make the journey it will be about a 2 mi hike from the Parkway back.