Animal Tracks: Eagle  LbNA # 50769

OwnerGeorge of The Zoo    
Placed DateOct 3 2009
LocationBeacon, IA
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Hike Distance?

This box is located at Cedar Bluff Natural Area. It is a Mahaska County Park. For more information, view their website

Follow the hiking signs through the prarie and into the timbers. In the timbers there will be a path that goes right that leads to a wooden lookout. On the left side, as you lookout take a look below in front of the metal that holds you up. This critter left his track below the ground, for someday if we do not protect their home and feeding ground we will only be able to find their tracks as fossils.

*Hunting is allowed in Mahaska County Parks. Please read all posted signs and abide by park rules. Wear appropriate clothing during hunting season.