Animal Tracks: Oppossum  LbNA # 50775 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerGeorge of The Zoo    
Placed DateOct 3 2009
LocationEddyville, IA
Found Byhigherhouse (Attempted)
Last UpdateApr 2 2011
Hike Distance?


This is located at Eddyville Dunes and Sand Prairie at the Wapello County access.

In Eddyville, Merino Avenue is the main north/south street. From Merino, take Berdan Street/G77 east; pass under US 63; pass the high school; take the next right onto 232nd Avenue; at T intersection, take another right. When approaching a closed gate & Road Closed sign, proceed anyway; the park is on the right just before the gate, but not visible from a distance. The trail in this park is a loop which starts at the parking lot, goes north, then west, then south, then east back to the parking lot.

From the parking lot, follow the trail around. Enjoy the walk. Stop and look at the ponds.

When the trail meets the road, before finishing the loop take a right and go the wrong way. See where progress has led and where all the noise comes from. “Protected Area” It does say? I say protect what’s on this side! See the tower who has provided cover for many years. Go to it. For this rat-like critter left his tracks just under a suspicious pile ‘o sticks.