A Portrait of Orson Welles  LbNA # 50776

OwnerHart x6      
Placed DateOct 3 2009
LocationWaukesha, WI
Found By shooting starz
Last Found Sep 11 2014
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Many thanks to Wisconsin Hiker & Martini Man for planting this box for me!!

When I was a young boy (8 years or younger), I remember watching Masterpiece Theatre (just found this on YouTube -- man did this bring back memories; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0HU6t-eMqhU) I honestly don't remember many movies that I watched on Masterpiece Theatre. . . I probably got bored after the opening credits and left to play with my toys.

The only movie I can honestly remember watching was War of the Worlds. I was scared out of my Incredible Hulk pajama's (and Hulk Underoos), however, I sat until the end of the movie. Over the course of my childhood, I watched War of the Worlds a half dozen times or so . . . each time scared me just as much as the last.

I was probably 12 or 13 when I first learned that the movie that scared me scared an entire nation in a radio broadcast on October 30, 1938. This fascinated me. I later bought the book (and read it) and later bought the fearsome movie of my childhood off Ebay. I enjoyed watching it again as I carved my portrait of Orson Welles.

I've gleaned these lines from Wikipedia;

"[Orson Welles] was also well-known for a radio adaptation of H. G. Welles' novel The War of the Worlds which, performed in the style of a news broadcast, reportedly caused widespread panic when listeners thought that an actual extraterrestrial invasion was in progress." This broadcast "brought Welles notoriety and instant fame on both a national and international level."

Even though Orson didn't narrate the movie nor act in it, his legacy (in my mind) is intertwined with the hissing monstrous machines from Mars that came to take over the Earth that terrified me as a child.

This is my tribute to the man that not only [indirectly] terrified me, but also terrified the nation & the world with his 1938 radio "newscast".

To make the acquaintance of Orson Welles, start in Parking Area 5 in krap akoonim. Walk to end of the road, near the Dog Owner sign. Take the trail southwest. At the “T” take the trail on a bearing of 155 degrees. Head uphill and follow the curve to the right. At the “Y”, choose the trail at 110 degrees. At the 4-way, take the trail at 15 degrees. Watch for a side trail on the left. Take this side trail until you see another side trial on the right. Take this and cross under the dead, keeping a lookout for Martians along the way. At a faint “”Y”, continue straight/left for 10 steps. Orson rests at the base of a rotting log. Please replace him well to keep him safe from any invading aliens.