A Little Bit of Spanish  LbNA # 50784

Placed DateOct 7 2009
LocationSanibel, FL
Found ByTulsa Two
Last UpdateOct 19 2014


“A Little Bit of Spanish”

(Firstly let me apologize for my grade school attempt at Spanish!!)

1. Drive across the Sanibel causeway and turn “derecho” onto a street named for a bluish-purple flower.

2. Drive to address “uno-seis-uno-nueve” and pull in. Drive behind the restaurant to the “Amarillo” colored building.

3. Climb the steps to the “dos” floor and find the last number in the Island Locksmiths phone number. (Remember the #, you will need it for the next clue.)

4. Go to the first floor and find unit 10___(fill in the answer from the last clue).

5. Go inside this office and ask where the owner is from. If it is after hours look in the lower left-hand corner of the window and a country flag will give you a clue.

6. How many letters are in the capital of this country? (Remember the #, you will need the answer for the next clue.)

7. Face the office door and take ___ steps (fill in the answer from the last clue) to the “izquierdo” and find the letterbox.