Fred the Blue Dog  LbNA # 50829 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateOct 9 2009
LocationLeesburg, VA
Found By Happy Quilter
Last Found Aug 27 2010
Hike Distance?

The path to this letterbox is pretty and can be very educational for children as they learn about the animals and plants that call this area home. You will see birds and plenty of squirrels. And a very large variety of plants.

This letterbox is in Leesburg, in the Greenway Farms development. If you take the 15 Exit towards Warrenton off of 7 it is going to be on your right after the 3rd light. If you are coming from the direction of the intersection where 50 meets 15 then it is going to be on your right.

When you get into Greenway Farms you are on Greenway Drive. You want to continue down this road for only a minute then you will see a playground on your right hand side. Park at the parking lot for the playground. Feel free to play on the playground before or after you find the letterbox (we did when we placed the letterbox).

There are a lot of turns in this, but are all along the open trail, so its a good way to learn left from right for younger kids.

When you are ready to go find the letterbox, you will notice that there is a clear area behind the playground with only 7 trees and 2 tables. You can choose to go down the hill or there is a set of steps to the right. When you get down past the tables you will see a trail in the middle, the trail is very open and bright.

You will go around a small bend and come to a fork. You are going to want to go right at this fork. Shortly after this turn the path will split again, but this time into 3 different trails. You are going to want to take the path to your left. You will have a large population of cattails on your right hand side.

After walking for several minutes you will, again, come to a fork in the path (this part of the trail is pretty and a good time to identify leaves, trees, animals, and point out what poison ivy looks like so they can avoid it.. But there is no poison ivy in the actual path to this letterbox, just off in the trees on the sides). At this fork, you want to go left, and you will soon come to yet another fork. Again, go left.

After about 10 or 15 feet, you will come to a 'T' and the paths will now be dirt instead of grass. Go right at this 'T', you are now closing in on the home of Fred the Blue Dog. About 6ft down this path on the left, you will notice a cluster of relatively small trees with one tree going right through the center of the trees. Nestled safely and comfortably under this fallen tree is Fred the Blue Dog, just waiting for you to find him and show him your stamp. :0)