Riparian Kids  LbNA # 50896 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateOct 13 2009
LocationGilbert, AZ
Planted ByGilbert Adventurers    
Found By haniwa
Last Found Dec 25 2009
Hike Distance?

The Riparian kids letterbox was placed by my four children and 5 of their friends that came along to help. So this is a very kid friendly expedition. We wanted to make it an adventure so follow the clues and happy hunting. This trip takes about 30 minutes and is a very easy hike.

It starts at the Riparian in Gilbert on the corner of Greenfield and Guadalupe, right behind the Gilbert Public Library. Park in the east end of the Riparian parking lot and head up the cement path. At the second light post turn right on the cement path so you are heading towards the wall play area. Follow this until you reach a left on the cement path (The star gazing tower will be up to your right). Follow the cement path onto the gravel path. On the gravel path you will see signs for the Pollination Garden, Bee Garden, Butterfly Garden and Hummingbird Garden. Follow this path past the gazebo and to the left until you come to another cement path where you will go left. Follow the cement path until you come to the Riparian Preserve at Water Ranch and take the gravel path on the left through the gates. Follow this gravel path until you cross a cement bridge and the path comes to a Y. Take the path to the left (you should now have a bird watching station on your right). Follow this path and when you come to the sign that says Cattail Crawl follow it to the left. As you are walking along this path you will notice large metal signs. Look for the sign on your left that says "Cottonwood/Black Willow Riparian Plant Community". Go past this sing a few feet and notice a bench on the right. Sit on this bench facing the path then stand and walk approx. 18 paces across the path and to the right of the Mesquite tree. Now look down to your left for a pile of rocks.

Hope you had fun and enjoyed the hike. If you keep following this path it will take you right back to the parking lot. Thanks for hiking with us!