A Tribute to Musical Mariah  LbNA # 50919 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateOct 14 2009
CountyNew London
LocationMystic, CT
Planted ByTea-Bass    
Found By MEL104
Last Found Dec 13 2015
Hike Distance?
Last EditedDec 14 2015

This is a tribute to my treasured young friend who started letterboxing with me since 2004. She started as a Freshmen student in my Sunday School class and now she is off to college. Her very first trip letterboxing was on an 6 mile lollipop loop in the snow!

Directions: From 95N take a left onto Allyn and then a right onto Cowhill. From 95S take a right onto Allyn and then a right onto Cowhill. Go under the 95 overpass and take the next left onto Bindloss Road and follow to stop sign. Take a left onto River Rd, go under overpass and park at the State Boat Launch.

Cross the street heading north and enter the woods at telephone pole #767. Follow the path leading left. Head up the hill and cross the stonewall and follow the faint path. Shortly, you will see cut stone forming a wall. Enter the abandoned cemetery. You will see a very large 4 trunked sister tree. There you will meet Miss Kathrine Smith, who passed away at age 39, on April 2, 1810. Behind the tree, low in the stonewall, you will find your prize.
Please rehide well due to occasional "partying" going on.