Lady Rianna's Golden Treasure  LbNA # 50920

OwnerLady Rianna    
Placed DateJul 11 2009
LocationFarragut, TN
Found By Girl Scouts 20381
Last Found Nov 13 2014
Hike Distance?

Lady Rianna's Golden Treasure

In the year of 1997, a grand golden retriever girl was born to Connie’s Magnificent Lady. She came to be called John’s Lady Rianna and she was known far and wide as the golden princess of the Valley of Hardin.
As a princess, she was quite the proper lady, but when faced with any type of sports ball, she quickly transformed into supergirl, able to catch flying tennis balls in a single jump. Other times she played soccer by kicking the ball with her golden legs. Her glow in the dark basketball was always great fun for hide and seek. Of course, her favorite orange football was by her side at all times.

These toys were Lady’s treasures and Lady Rianna was our golden treasure. She loved to go for walks with her dad and we hope you will enjoy the trek along a path once walked by the great golden princess, Lady Rianna.

We begin at one of Lady Rianna’s favorite walking places, a park far into West Knoxville. There are, of course, many ball fields. You’ll have to try to figure out WATT ROAD the park is on. Our friends, BOB and LEONARD, might be hanging around there. They are usually there around 301. Enter and park at the MAIN ENTRANCE, face the forest, and proceed left on the timber walk.

Very soon you will see Y you need to head SW. Along this path, you can see the forest for the trees-all 10 are alRIGHT to guide you along. As you walk, you may take in the sights and sounds of birds, rabbits, and bullfrogs. Boy, if Rianna was here, she would try to get after those rabbits and show them how fast she could run!

Continue a short piece to tree 10. To the right, a wood observation deck-a nice to visit or, if you prefer, to the left a short walk and a peaceful rabbit haven with many benches to relax. If you wish, you choose a little retreat and enjoy! Before you move on, under the green roof is a great spot to gain H20 (or lose it). Back at the trail, carry on SW.

Before long, the winds allow you to drift NW, but don’t stray far-stay on the trail. The wetlands to the right of your stroll produce more beautiful music, if you listen. At the pine triplet, veer left. After about 60 paces, RIGHT between the mirror image you will find the way. Walk until you pass the pine ridge.

Clearly, when you see the diamonds, you know the treasure can’t be far! At the top of the trail, you should be heading NE until you dip back down. Just past the big boxes, you MUSCO left. Behind the 20247 box, reach into the largest tree hole and to the left to find Lady Rianna’s Golden Treasure. (Be sure to be stealthy!)