Sir Nicholas, Lady Rianna's Furst Friend  LbNA # 50921

OwnerLady Rianna    
Placed DateAug 23 2009
LocationKnoxville, TN
Found By AlliBeanR
Last Found Mar 20 2011
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Sir Nicholas, Lady Rianna's Furst Friend

When Lady Rianna came to be the golden princess of the Valley of Hardin, she found that she would be sharing the palace with Sir Nicholas Low-Body, the first dachshund dog and all knowing ruler of the kingdom.
When Lady saw that Nicholas could zip through the house quick as a mouse, the chase was on! What a sight—a flash of red dachshund, ears flying behind, then a flash of gold on his trail! Of course, Lady Rianna soon discovered that wiener dogs can hide under coffee tables where big golden girls can’t catch them!

Alas”, said Sir Nicholas, “I shall never be captured!” Can you catch Sir Nicholas?

His trail starts at a West Knoxville ball park that has the same furst name as the wiener —Nicholas Ball Park. (It’s near Ball Camp Elementary School)
Enter the ball park at the green sign and proceed past the ball field and around the curve. At the end of the road—just before the circle drive—to the left is the trail to start on foot.

When you pass over the 2 gray pipes, you’re off on the wiener dog chase!
Zigzag the trail up the hill—left, right, left. (Keep the square slabs on your left) Then you level out.

Where the giant evergreen reaches out to touch you with its tiny cones, look to the right at the odd Cedar/Maple tree combo.
(Like Lady and Nicholas, these 2 trees are very different, but they grew together and became even more awesome!)

Sir Nicholas hides below the 3 Maple arms. He’s the fastest wiener dog in the world! Are you sure you can catch him?
(Lady Rianna did finally catch Sir Nicholas, but she just gave him ear kisses!)

(Please watch for poison ivy near the trees, use stealth when replacing, and make sure the lid snaps tight. Have fun!)