Island Who?  LbNA # 50929 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerTricky Troy    
Placed DateOct 13 2009
LocationSt. Anthony, MN
Found By ShapingAir
Last Found Sep 16 2012
Hike Distance?

Silverwood Park is the newest park in the Three Rivers Park District, and it is a beauty to behold!
It is located on Silver Lake in St. Anthony off of Silver Lake Road/45th Ave (Open from 5am to 10pm)
Enjoy checking out the Gorgeous Visitor Center, grab a cup of coffee if you so desire, and take a walk out to the Island.
Once you cross over, follow the North Flank past the structure in the middle to a mound of grass, from there continue about 60 steps to a tree with a great Hobbit Hole at the base.
Go low, and look under the leaves etc. to find the "Who" you are looking for. (The first Who went missing, so I re-carved Who II.)
After coming off the Island follow the path South along the Lake, passing first the Maple Seed Sculpture, then continue as the path curves to the North past two buildings on your right.
Pass the intersection continuing Northbound, after a minute or two of walking you will start to go down hill passing through the "canyon".
When you reach the final rock on the left of the canyon take about 33 steps, then look to the East, and walk 12 steps down the hill to a rock alcove facing 2 trees.
Follow South along the rock wall about 10 steps, and look behind a hand sized triangular rock in between two large rocks to find the den of the Silver Fox.