Your Adventure Begins  LbNA # 50935

Placed DateOct 11 2009
LocationSouthington, CT
Planted ByBecky and Pepper    
Found By Bell Lady
Last Found Jun 4 2011
Hike Distance?

This is my first letterbox! My mentor and I love finding letterboxes, and we decided to hide our own! I carved the stamps (yay, my first stamps!) and my mentor provided ALL the transportation and materials (Thanks ^.^). This letterbox begins an adventure - a Pokemon adventure, that is! (Yes, I am 16, and yes, I love Pokemon ;P)

This letterbox is located on some hiking trails off of Flanders Road in Southington. Turn onto Laning Street, just off of Queen Street, and then turn left towards Pattonwood Drive. There will be a small gravel pulloff, and a large open field. Park in the pulloff.

Here's a map of the area:

Head down the mowed path through the field. Follow it for a little while, and turn right when you come to a fork. Follow the path come more until you reach a very steep hill. This is the beginning of the trail.

CAREFULLY climb down the hill. IT IS VERY STEEP! Turn right at the bottom, and go about 5 paces. To your left there will be a "shelf" made of dirt and a few fallen logs on the hill. Go to the right-hand side of the shelf, and you will find a pock-marked rock. It is a little on the heavy side, but you should be able to lift it. Be careful not to drop it on your feet! (I almost did ;P) Under this rock is Box #1.

Climb back to the trail and follow it. You will pass a small alcove filled with trees, with a small path leading off of it. Keep going on the trail you are on for a little while. An almost-invisible left turn will come up on your left as you near some water in front of you. Take this path. You will be in front of a stream. Cross a small makeshift bridge and some rocks, and go up the hill. BE VERY CAREFUL - the bridge is not very stable. You will see a big 3-sister tree on your left. In the tree, Box #2 will be hidden among dirt and roots under a small rock in the side of the tree.

The trail will now curve left uphill. Follow it until you reach a fork marked by a red tree. Bear left, and then left again. Follow the trail for a little while. You will pass a white birch in the process. At some point, the path will narrow slightly and you will be surrounded by pine trees on both sides - it's beautiful.

Take a left at a fork marked by a small red post. Go left, taking you downhill. There will be a stream to your right, paralell to the path. At some point, you will cross over the stream. Just after, you will see a small trail marked by a red tree on your right. Go about 26 paces down this trail (I'm 5' 4", so measure your paces accordingly ;P) and you will see a tree on your right with several large vines growing on it. Just in front of this tree there is some discarded barbed wire. At the bottom of the tree, there is a small indent, and Box #3 is tucked in here, covered by rocks.

Go back out to the main trail and turn right. Follow the trail to the left. Go right up the hill, and then right to the trail. This will take you back through the field, and back to your car!