Blue Bead  LbNA # 50938

OwnerThe Gamer Ruettens      
Placed DateOct 7 2009
CountyLesser Antilles
LocationSt. Eustatius, LSA
Found By
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Hike Distance?

Go to the St. Eustatius National Park (STENAPA)visitor center building in Lower Town. There you will find all sorts of information about this wonderful island. After visiting, go out the front gate to look out at Gallows Bay. Across the road is a white and red building that is right on the water, next to a pier. If it is open, go on in and say hi to the folks working there. Take a look at their wares and keep an eye out for a book made of wood. There you will find the Blue Bead.

If you ask, you may even be able to get the offical stamp of this business while you are there.