Pioneer Village  LbNA # 5094

OwnerSea Buddha and Me    
Placed DateJul 29 2003
LocationSaukville, WI
Planted ByMoofie & Blaze    
Found By Hoot 4
Last Found Nov 10 2013
Hike Distance?

Pioneer Village

Placed by: Moofie & Blaze
Adopted by: Sea Buddha n me
Terrain: short and easy

Your search begins at Ozaukee County’s living history museum, Pioneer Village, located at 4880 Highway I. This letterbox is not placed inside the village, it is nearby, and entry into the village isn’t required. However, if you wish to visit this Saukville, WI attraction, please note it is open only on Saturday (10-5) and Sunday (12-5), and there is an admission cost.

As you turn into the driveway to Pioneer Village, it will be on your left. Continue driving past the village until you come to the fork. Take the left to Hawthorne Park Public Area.

The short road turns to gravel as you head into the park area. Continue, following the road to the right. At the farthest most eastern point in the drive there is a small pull-off area off to the where you can pull your car over to park. This is right before the rock lined picnic area at the northern end of the park. Two trees mark an eastern entrance to a path that goes into the woods. Take this path as it quickly winds in a northeastern direction and notice it becomes a very rocky road. As this rocky path turns east again, around a white birch that leans over your path, you will go forward about 6 paces. On your right there will be a group of trees – one large and nine small – that grow closely together. On the east side of the large tree there is a hole in the base of the trunk. Pull the log back to reveal what you are looking for.

Stamp up and please be sure to return the box carefully to conceal its presence.

Suggestion: if you continue on the path, take the yellow path, and go across the wood bridge you will come to a clearing along the river’s edge. There you have excellent opportunities to view the local wildlife such as deer and heron.